Monday, October 3, 2016

october concerts
 photo: Studio PanAroma

This October bring three opportunities of listening to my electroacoustic composition work: one concert in Piauí (North of Brazil) and two in São Paulo. 

October 6th, 20h, there will be a a very special concert in the Café Concerto from SESC Caixeiral in Parnaíba, Piauí: memorial do granito (2015), for piano and electroacoustic sounds will be played for the first time in Brazil by Canada-based pianist Luciane Cardassi, for whom the piece was written and dedicated. The electroacoustic diffusion is in charge of the composer Paulo Rios Filho, who organizes the concert and also presents his work Ramos. Follow  here the programming from SESC Piauí.

Also October 6th, more than 3.000 km away, at 20h30 I'll be doing the diffusion of my acousmatic piece espectro jasmim (2012), with the 52-speakers orchestra from Studio PanAroma/Unesp, sharing the program with colleagues that are either students or alumni from  the studio. This concert is part of the XI BIMESP, the not-to-be-missed  Bienal de Música Eletroacústica de São Paulo, organized by Studio PanAroma, under artistic direction of Flo Menezes. Take a look at the complete programming here and follow the event on facebook.

October 15th, 17h, the project Gestuário will be presented, together with cellistWilliam Teixeira and dancer Maíra Alves. It comprises a repertoire which investigates gestualities of instrumental and electronic sounds and contemporary dance in several possible combinations. I'll present my estudo sobre materiais resistentes nº 1 [study on resistant materials] (2011-2016), in which written and electronic interferences are applied to the well-known Suíte nº 2 in D minor (BMW 1008) by J. S. Bach. Program is completed by pieces by Danilo Rosseti, Felipe de Almeida Ribeiro, Eduardo Frigatti e Felipe Merker Castellani, in which I'll be doing the diffusion of electronic sounds. Check here the complete agenda of estúdiofitacrepe-sp.