some collaborations as a composer beyond concert music:

sociabilidades subterrâneas (2012) - documentary film about the work done by NGOs Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) and Afroreggae in Rio de Janeiro, directed by Alexandre Charro 

planeta humano (2011) - video mapping on the MASP (São Paulo Museum of Art) building by the BijaRi multimedia collective for the release of the Discovery Channel's series.

vida de estagiário (2010/2011) - sitcom based on Allan Sieber's comics, produced by Glaz Cinema and broadcasted in Brazil by TV Brasil and the Warner Channel

dias felizes (2010) - theatrical production of Samuel Beckett's text, featuring actress Norma Bengell, director: Emilio di Biasi

manter em local seco e arejado (2009) - collective creation of [pH2] Estado de Teatro, director: Rodrigo Batista

a resistível ascensão de arturo ui (2003) - theatrical production of Bertolt Brecht's text, with Cia. Teatro de Narradores, director: José Fernando Peixoto de Azevedo

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