palavratrovão #1 (2018) | for sextet [score, audio]
(female voice, percussion, trumpet in C, violin, cello, double bass)

era como se estivéssemos vivos (2016-2018) | for alto sax and electronic sounds [score, audio]

refúgio (2016) | for cello and electronic sounds [score, audio] 

diáspora (2016) | for quartet and electronic sounds [scoreaudio]
(bass clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano)
premièred by the Ensemble DME in the Conservatório de Música de Seia (Seia, Mar 12th 2016)
work written with support from Programa Ibermúsicas

rasgada [pocket poems] (2015) | for female voice and violin [audio]
18 microludes on texts by Ana Rüsche
dedicated to DUO (Laiana Oliveira, mezzo-soprano and Tiago Biscaro, violin)
9 first microludes premièred by DUO at the 13º ENCUn (Campinas, Dec 4th 2015)

si, me chiamano m. (2015) | for female voice and turntable
premièred in The Waverly Project at New York University (New York, May 4th 2015) 
work commissioned by  Marcela Lucatelli

memorial do granito (2015) | for piano and electroacoustic sounds [audio, score]
work commissioned by Luciane Cardassi 
premièred in Calgary New Music Festival (Calgary, May 13th 2015)

cutânea (2014) | for solo snare drum [score]
work commissioned by Rubens Lopes

otro kibbutz del deseo (2014) | for solo violin [scoreaudio]
dedicated to Daniel Stein
premièred by Tiago Biscaro in the 13º ENCUn (Campinas, Dec 4th 2015)

teratologia íntima (2014) | for solo vibraphone [score]
work commissioned by Augusto Moralez

revirada (2014) | for solo tamborim
premièred in Universidade Federal de Goiás (Goiânia, Apr 25th 2014)
work commissioned by Catarina Percínio

resto do incêndio (2013) | for piano, violin and violoncello [audio, score]  
premièred by Epifania Piano Trio in the Centro Cultural São Paulo (São Paulo, Dec 5th 2013)
work commissioned by Epifania Piano Trio for the 3+2/SP album

: (2013) | 2-channel electroacoustic piece [audio]
work commissioned by NME for NMEaniversário#2@bandcamp

dibuk zero (2013) |for flute and clarinet

pó de marfim (2013) | voice and live-electronics [video]
based on the opera "O Elefante de Marfim" by Sofia Harmonia
in collaboration with Marcela Lucatelli
premièred in the NME12 concert at SP Escola de Teatro (São Paulo, Apr 13th) 

das trevas, sabiá (2012) | live-electronics [audio]
premièred in the Agua Branca Park (São Paulo, Jul 29th)
work commissioned by NME for NMEpássaro

espectro jasmim (2012) | 8-channel electroacoustic piece [audio]
premièred in the UNICAMP Central Library Auditorium (Campinas, May 23rd)
work commissioned by NME for NMEchá 

retorno em linha reta (2012) | 2-channel electroacoustic piece [audio]
premièred in the OC Oswald de Andrade (São Paulo, Aug 31st)
work commissioned by NME for NMEaniversário#1 

vigília II (2011) | for ensemble [audio, score]
(flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, harp, mandolin, guitar, percussion, violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass) 
premièrered in the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam, Oct 22th 2011)
by the Nieuw Ensemble, conductor: Arie van Beek
work commissioned by the Nieuw Ensemble

sketches for anamnese II (2011) | for string quartet [audio, score]
recorded at the 42th Campos do Jordão Winter Festival (Campos do Jordão, Jul 13th 2011) 
by the Arditti String Quartet

réflexion apostrophique (2011) | for solo vibraphone [audio, score]
premièrered at Mostra de Composição da UNESP (São Paulo, Jun 28th 2011)
by Rubens Celso

deCapitu (2011) | for two actresses and 4-channel electroacoustic sounds [score, text]
based on "Dom Casmurro" by Machado de Assis
premièred at Conexões Sonoras 2 (São Paulo, Jun 12th 2011) by Melany Kern (actress), Liliane Junqueira (actress), Pedro Mantovani (scenic director) e Rodolfo Valente (sound diffusion)
work commissioned by Ibrasotope

três marias (2010) | for quintet
(flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola)

um dia feliz / another heavenly day (2010) | 2-channel electroacoustic piece [audio]
premièred in the II Festival Ibrasotope de Música Experimental (SãoPaulo, Jul 29th 2010)
by Rodolfo Valente (sound diffusion)

dibuk (2009) | chamber opera in seven scenes for actress, two singers, ensemble and 4-channel elecroacoustic sounds

based on "the dybbuk" by Sch. An-Ski
premièred in the  3º Contato Festival Multimídia (São Carlos, Oct 9th 2009) by Simone Spoladore (actress), Caroline de Comi (soprano), Pedro Ometto (baritone), Eduardo Strausser (conductor), músicos da Orquestra Experimental da Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Rodolfo Valente (sound diffusion) e Mari Rizzo (live video)
commissioned by 3º Contato Festival Multimídia

canto nenhum (2009) | for ensemble
[audio, score]  
(flute/picc., oboe, clarinet/bass cl., bassoon, horn, percussion, viola, contrabass) 
premièred in the 40th Campos do Jordão Winter Festival (Campos do Jordão,Jul 19th 2009)
by the Festival's Chamber Group, Tara Villa Chamra (conductor)
winner of the 2nd Camargo Gurnieri Composiiton Prize

inutensílio II
(2009) | for ensemble
[audio, score]
(flauta, oboé, clarinete, bandolim, violão, viola, violoncelo)
premièred in the Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Amsterdam, Sep 10th 2009)
by the Nieuw Ensemble, Celso Antunes (conductor)
winner work of the NE/BAM Brazilian Composers' Competition

un pato cubierto de hormigas (2008) | for solo flute
[audio, score]
premièred in the Encuentro de Arte Sonoro Tsonami Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Oct 24th 2009)
by Damián Romagnoli

prólogo provisório (2008) | 2-channel
electroacoustic piece [audio]
premièred in the [ibr05], from the Ibrasotope concert series (São Paulo, Apr 8th 2008)
by Rodolfo Valente (sound diffusion)

turé tendencioso (2008) | 4-channel electroacoustic piece [audio]
premièred in the VII BIMESP (São Paulo, Aug 23rd 2008) by Rodolfo Valente (sound diffusion)
liederschaftlich (2008) | for violin and piano [audio, score]
recorded in the CD ResSonâncias by Lídia Bazarian (piano) and Daniel Stein (violino)
work commmissioned by the Sonâncias Ensemble

allure (2008) | for chamber orchestra
(flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, contrabass, percussion)

desencanto (2007) | 4-channel electroacoustic piece [audio]
premièred in the VII CIMESP (São Paulo, Aug 28th 2007)
by Rodolfo Valente (sound diffusion)

levante (2006) | for solo clarinet
[audio, score]
premièred in the V ENCUn (São Paulo, Oct 12th 2007)
by Daniel Oliveira