Thursday, April 16, 2015

flowers of this may: three concerts overseas

In the Northern hemisphere, spring begins towards the end of March. Slowly winner's chilli dissipasse and it is only in May that the new season reveals its full power. As a coincidente or not, in 2015, this month gives a start to this year's concert season in that part of the world, taking my music overseas in two world premières and a very special concert.

The first première of the month is si, mi chiamano m. for female voice and turntable, one of the six scores that Marcela Lucatelli took aboard the German cargo ship Monte Aconcagua, sailing the Atlantic bound to New York City. This piece was specially written for the project named *Gestus Kanto-GlyTkH* : THE UNAWAITED, in which the inventive composer-performer will première pieces by four Brazilian - Bernardo Barros, Martin Herraiz Pedro Rocha and me - and two Danish artists - Jeppe Ernst and Mathias Monrad Møller - May 4th in the New York University

Opera lovers will notice that the title of my piece gives in the audacity of taking Puccini's famous aria as a point of departure. From the initial material a scenic and musical game is built, consisting of 22 fragment-cards which may be sequenced by chance operations carried by the performer on stage. Until the end of this year, the whole project will have performances in Brazil and Denmark as well.

The second première takes place further to the North, May 13th in the Festiva! Calgary New Music Festival 2015, in Canada, by the hands of talented pianist Luciane Cardassi, for whom the piece is written and dedicates. It's memorial do granito for piano and electronic sounds, about which we have been talking about since last December, in a very fruitful collaboration process that now finds its place in the concert hall.

Third concerto of the month takes place the following day, May 14th, at the other side of the Atlantic in the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, in Cardiff, Wales, where the excellent dutch chamber group Nieuw Ensemble revisits my piece inutensílio II in the Vale of Glamorgan Festival This piece was written for them in 2009 and was winner of the Brazilian Composers' Competition set by the ensemble in the same year.