Friday, December 30, 2022

Substrato Guarani


This project was made in partnership with the visual artist Teresa Swiedert, who invited me to make six sound pieces based on the words of Guarani farmers from the village Kalipety. The pieces became vinyl records, of which only one unit of each was made. However, you can listen to the digital version of the pieces on the project website (listen here). There you can find a lot of information about this very special project that the artist summarized like this

Substrato Guarani is an investigation into the correlation between the life of the soil and the life of the Guarani Mbyá farmers living in the Kalipety village, within the Tenondé Porã territory, in the southern part of São Paulo.

Substrato Guarani is an exercise in listening, an attempt to translate the drawings and colors of the particles that make up the soil, together with the sounds that structure the words of those who plant.

Substrato Guarani is a composition and a confluence of things, beings, visions, sounds, and different techniques.

Substrato Guarani is a collection/archive of vinyl records, accompanied by images and texts produced by a diversity of existences, they are:

 Conception, overall project coordination, photographs and design: Teresa Siewerdt


 Jera Guarani

Pedro Karai Mirĩ

Wera Pires

Wera Mirin Alcides

Karai Poty - Manoel Lima

Karai Claudio


Sound pieces: Rodolfo Valente


Audio recording:

Kerexu Mirim  

Kerexu Martim


Translation from Guarani: Jordi Karai Mirĩ


Translation/reading of Pfeiffer's Chromatography: Sebastião Pinheiro


Production, image capture and carpentry: Pablo Paniagua