Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ivory dust: body and code as presences

In my recent output, live electronic improvisation has conquered its space. It has been an exercise of rethinking presence on the stage through the machine, live body througn live code. Sound speculation in real time, the institution of a composer-performer-programer short-circuit. pó de marfim (2013) in one of these experiments, having an opera libretto and the empty space as raw materials. Done in colaboration with composer-performer  Marcela Lucatelli and presented April 13th 2013 in the NME12 concert. Here it's possible to watch the live performance, that took place in the SP Escola de Teatro:


Program note:

Excerpt from O Elefante de Marfim's first act or a musical-affective letter to F R on his big-headed beaches:"~ CATHERINE CLEMENTE, loses her memory and tries to retrieve it, which is the reason why she sees herself transmuted into Opera. With the help of Gilgameshivashtar she remembers that she is the embodiment of Oefro, Orfeo through the mirror. Has elephantiasis between her breasts, as a heart exposed outside. Naked. The ivory parts are so alien to the abstract game of chess as the hand that governs them." 

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