Tuesday, July 30, 2013

powers of two

: (2013) is an acousmatic miniature composed specially for the  NMEaniversário2@bandcamp album, intended to celebrate NME's second anniversary and feturing 22 works by 25 artists from around the globe. All pieces are inspired by the number 2 and last around 2 minutes.

: revisits my retorno em linha reta (2012), taking the previous work as its own basic sound material. The entire last year's piece is submitted to several electroacoustic transformations, which have the number 2 as a common reference. Eight time compressions are performed, coresponding to powers of the number two, featuring exponents 0 to 7 (generating sound events 1 to 128 seconds long). Some of these materials are further transformed by means of oscillators set to frequencies such as 2, 22 e 222 Hz. From that point on, initiates the process of cutting, editing and mixing that sculpts the final shape of the piece.

Curiously enough, to make the numerical inspiration of the piece even more consistent, the whole process was carried out in just two days! Enjoy:

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