Friday, November 8, 2013

generalization of periodicity becomes a book

My Master's degree dissertation has become a book! Entitled Generalização da Periodicidade (generalization of periodicity), it is now available as an e-book in the Cultura Acadêmica website, maintained by Editora UNESP. This work investigates the concept of generalized peridiocity, conceived by Belgian composer Henri Pousseur in the 1960s as he intended to expand possibilities of serial music poetics. This dissertation includes an in-depth analisys of Pousseur's piano work Apostrophe et six réflexions and was oriented by Flo Menezes. Click here to download the e-book free of charge. Soon a physical copy printed on demand may be obtained via the same web address.


As I worked in this dissertation, I also wrote a this piece for solo vibraphone - réflexion apostrophique - consisting in a humble hommage to Pousseur. The point of departure is that musical form may be thought of as a correlate of sound synthesis, being a result of distinct periodicities that modulate each other. Although it's not an official part of the dissertation, this piece was premièred in the UNESP Arts Institute the day after it was presented. This is the live recording of this première, beautifully played by percussionist Rubens Celso.

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