Monday, May 21, 2012

NMEchá: sounding teas, aromatic music

This week my new acousmatic work espectro jasmim (2012) will be premièred in the NMEchá concerts, in which the NMEchá CD will be released and eight brand new acousmatic works by eight composers, conceived specially for this project, will be given their premières.

These will be unique oportunitys to listen to these works in eight-channel diffusion, while tasting the tea flavours on which the works are based.

In addition do my espectro jasmim, the program will feature works by luis felipe labaki (lapsang souchong), adriano monteiro (chá de hibisco e anis estrelado), julia teles (miração; chá de coca), felipe merker castellani e manuel pessôa (espaços entre o sonoro ii, versão apenas sonora - about black tea), sérgio abdalla (O chá mais forte de Buenos Aires - about assam tea), tiago de mello (dongsuh, ou um compositor em estafa) e fernando visockis (chacóvisqui - about yerba mate tea). Read more about the composers and their teas here.

The admitance in all these concerts is free, being sponsored via the crowdfunding website catarse.

May 23th, wednesday, 12h30, no auditório da biblioteca central da UNICAMP

São Paulo (Capital): 
May 27th, sunday, 15h and 17h, associação cultural cecília
rua vitorino camilo, 449 (close to marechal deodoro metro station)

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